This is the penultimate post of the year! The next, and final, one of 2018 will talk about Karen Alexander’s live-in-VR presentation on PGH in 360 to a global audience! We’ll also discuss the inclusion of PGH in 360 in 100 Voices of AR and VR in Education. Stay tuned!

PGH in 360 Videos Shown at Festivals
It was wonderful to be able to share PGH in 360 videos with the public at 4 different events this year. 360 Cameras = All Angles, the video made at 1Hood Media, was shown at Youth Innovation Night, which was part of the city’s Inclusive Innovation Week in April, and at the Pittsburgh Technology Council’s CREATE Festival and at TEDx Pittsburgh in June. Then, in September, A Safe Place and Black Youth Speaks, Chapter 1: Retaliation Vs. Innocent Lives Lost, the videos made over the summer at the Lighthouse Project, were added to the mix. We had the chance to showcase all three of the 360 videos at the Thrival Festival’s Life.Code Interactive Experience in the stunningly beautiful Music Hall Foyer at the Carnegie Museum of Art. All told, more than 100 people put on headsets to watch the videos at these events. The response was overwhelmingly positive. We hope that the experience of watching the videos gave viewers the opportunity to stand in the shoes of Pittsburgh youth for a while and to better understand some of the issues that are important to them. Below are some of the comments from viewers and a few photos from the events.

If you would like to support PGH in 360, please consider making a donation through our fiscal sponsor, New Sun Rising.

Viewer responses to PGH in 360 videos
“Black Youth Speaks is a very powerful video that places you into an environment that is true to how gun violence can destroy a community.”

“Excellent, 360 video really immerses you in the world the director wants to portray and feel what they want you to feel.”

“Awesome! Would help a lot of people have empathy for those issues if they could be placed ‘inside’ them.”

“I think it is a really good way for people to sympathize with the real situation and will bring more people in the community to care.”

“I am familiar with East Liberty and felt it was close to real. Great learning tool.”

“I think this is a great project. Was happy to see these teens being creative and investigative.”

“interesting questions and responses—voices that need to be heard more”

“immersive way to show people another’s experience–could be beneficial in practicing empathy”

“incredible to see teens’ voices in this medium!”

“It feels like a real inclusive program & video that actually takes into account the opinion and thought of youth.”

“really creative and relevant content”

“It’s great to see and hear teen voices. I think this is a great way to both capture and get buy-in from teen communities.”

“So great to see honest opinions and step into the experience of others in a way no one else has”

“Surprised at the serious content our teens produce.”

“very interesting & important way of storytelling. I would love to see even more perspectives.”

“creative project that gives youth an avenue to express themselves”

“very powerful, impressive production value, voices from which we should hear more.”

“Well produced. I am glad youth are being in such creative productions. Well done :)”

“very good immersive storytelling”

“very well done, powerful!”