PGH in 360: Youth Perspectives launched with a pilot program conducted at 1Hood Media in March 2018. Five teens participated in the program and created a 360 video they called 360 Cameras = All Angles.

As was expected, we ran into some technical difficulties during the pilot, but they were not so insurmountable as to prevent the successful completion of the project. Yay!!

In a survey prior to the start of the program, only 2 of the teens indicated any experience at all with making videos. At the end, the completed surveys showed they all felt “very” confident about their ability to film and edit a 360 video with the hardware and software we used.

In addition to the technical skills gained, the young people in the program engaged in serious discussion about the issue of gentrification in Pittsburgh and the way it affects people of color in particular. They learned from the conversations they had with members of the public and with business people in East Liberty and the Hill District. And they learned from each other; peer mentoring emerged as a clear benefit of the program.

360 Cameras = All Angles was shown to the public during Pittsburgh’s Inclusive Innovation Week at Youth Innovation Night on April 6.

We’re grateful to the wonderful people at 1Hood Media for hosting this program and look forward to working with them to offer the program again in the summer, funding permitting.

We also thank Stichbridge for providing instructional and technical support, and the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University for making the participation of Stitchbridge possible.

Thanks to Sean Grey of All Star Code and Christine Marty, Civic Innovation Specialist for the City of Pittsburgh, for allowing us to take part in this fun event. Our friends at the Pittsburgh Microsoft Store were there to provide support with Windows Mixed Reality headsets for viewing the video.

Steel Signature has generously provided marketing services for this project. Many thanks!

Finally, huge thanks are due to Repair the World Pittsburgh. PGH in 360 won their Social Justice Innovation Weekend Challenge in February 2018. The prize money from the contest is what made the pilot possible. We hope that this pilot will serve as a springboard to launch a larger program, spreading 360 skills and videos throughout the city!