PGH in 360

Empowering Pittsburgh teens to create 360-degree videos about issues that matter.


PGH in 360: Youth Perspectives partners with community organizations to teach teens to produce 360-degree videos about issues that matter to them.

Immersive media is a powerful tool for seeing the world from another’s perspective. The future belongs to young people, but their voices are rarely included in discussions of civic life. PGH in 360 empowers teens to make 360-degree videos that provide their perspectives on life in Pittsburgh, on their neighborhoods, and on issues that matter to them.

A pilot for the program was conducted at 1Hood Media in March 2018, and the next workshops will run at The Lighthouse Project in June 2018.

PGH in 360 is a project of New Sun Rising.

PGH in 360: 2018 Wrap-up, Part 3 of 3

By Karen Alexander, PGH in 360 Director Final 2018 post! In the previous 2 of this year-end wrap-up series, we talked about the 360 videos made by teens in the project and the public reaction to them at 4 festivals in Pittsburgh. Today’s topic is PGH in 360 on a...

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PGH in 360: 2018 Wrap-up, Part 2

This is the penultimate post of the year! The next, and final, one of 2018 will talk about Karen Alexander’s live-in-VR presentation on PGH in 360 to a global audience! We’ll also discuss the inclusion of PGH in 360...

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